Gloves Categories

Welding Gloves (2)

Cowhide Gloves (4)

Cotton Gloves (2)

Durable Strong Non-slip

Cotton Gloves

Cotton material, 10-needle encryption, not easy to open the thread, with wear resistance, not easy to fall off during work, high-density woven, increase friction.

Our Welding Gloves

Leather Extended Heat Insulation Gloves

This glove is a safety protection glove for labor functions. Gloves have fire and heat insulation functions for better protection.

Cowhide has the advantages of comfort, durability, breathability and wear resistance.

It is more durable after chrome plating, and has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, non-melting and non-combustion, and can play a protective role of heat insulation, high temperature resistance and wear resistance.


How to care for gloves?

Regular Care

Regular Cleaning

Avoid Moisture

Keep Hands Dry

Store Separately

Breathable Storage

Avoid Exposure to Chemicals

Avoid Prolonged Direct Sunlight Exposure


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